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STRAIGHT EDGE XXX NORTH CAROLINA's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 Jun 2008|03:10pm]


Tuesday June 17th 8 p.m.
@ACRE 2419 Mayview Raleigh, NC

screening of "Behind The Mask", a documentary film on the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). All proceeds go to the North Carolina Animal Defense League to fund the continuance of protests to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences as well as local campaigns against foie gras.

for more info e-mail animaldefensenc@riseup.net
or go to www. myspace. com/animaldefensenc


PETER YOUNG (vegan straightedge) [11 Nov 2007|10:59pm]


"Just released from his prison term for releasing thousands of mink in 2005, veteran activist Peter Young is an emerging voice of strength through sacrifice in the struggle for animal liberation and all forms of justice. After serving two years for his role in a two week campaign of fur farm raids across the Midwest, Peter Young has returned to the world on this side of the fence, and brings with him an inspiring story of moving from above-ground activism to midnight raids, prison, FBI wanted status, and beyond.

Pleading guilty to "Animal Enterprise Terrorism" and conspiracy in 2005, Young has remained unapologetic for his role in liberating thousands of mink just weeks before their death at the hands of furriers. His defiant statements to the media and in courtrooms towards animal abusers, and those who would imprison him for acts of compassion, have earned him visibility as a unique voice among direct action prisoners. Listeners will hear first hand perspective on political repression, commentary on the "Green Scare", the prison experience, and liberation struggles today from a man whose only crime was opening cages."

Also information and videos on the torturing of beagle puppies and other animals inside Huntington Life Sciences (where 500 animals die a day, 180,000 a year) and the SHAC7 (www.insidehls.com, www.shac7.com), a bake sale for Andy Stepanian, and more info!

[04 Jan 2007|01:59pm]



rad show at flint jan 13th [29 Dec 2006|12:06pm]


BUILDINGS TO DUST (heavy heavy heavy d-beat from greensboro. www.myspace.com/buildingstodust)

IN FIRST PERSON (ex-assistant and you&i - hardcore that is all over the place ala 108 and BOTCH - www.myspace.com/infirstperson)

HEARTFELT DISCORD (gorilla biscuits influenced sing-a-long hardcore from NJ - www.myspace.com/heartfeltdiscord)


there will be information & a short video on the GREEN SCAREEEEEE (www.greenisthenewred.com)
along with resources to support political prisoners, including BOOKS, RECORDS, and BAKED (vegan) GOODS being sold where all proceeds go to political prisoners.

@1304 Flint Pl - Raleigh, NC
$5 - party o'clock

[23 Dec 2006|07:56am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm new to this community and new to this scene (as in 3 days new). I thought I'd introduce myself and sayi hi. Im Aaron from Fayetteville =)

Take care!


[26 Sep 2005|02:52pm]

With gas prices predicted to rise again, now is the perfect time to break out your old ten speed and take the streets with your bike! Whether you only take your bike out once a month for mass, commute on your bike, or if you slap on some spandex to prove your bourgeois elitism only on the weekends - you're welcome to come to critical mass! (leave the spandex-clad attitudes in the burbs please!) If you are afraid to hop off the sidewalk (an infinitely more dangerous place to ride your bike), then mass is a safe space to allow you to become comfortable riding your bike on the road (where you should be riding your bike anyways). Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and promotes a healthy way of transportation. The streets are ours to take.

OUR critical mass bike ride meets at the NCSU Belltower in Raleigh, NC between 4:30 and 5 to discuss the ride and will leave promptly after.

For more info, check http://www.critical-mass.org

and for the haters, enjoy the gas prices!

[20 Sep 2005|11:10pm]

shows this weekend at the LIBERTALIA INFOSHOP!!!!

Friday September 23rd

Street Sharks (grimy punk rock from raleigh! ex-we are spies & the flaming caskets)
Space Knights ("metallica riding unicorns!" former & ex baroness and adonis battlefield, from GA)
Savage Brewtality (drunk gainesville thrash. ex-a bunch of no idea records bands)

Saturday September 24th
Des_Ark (ex-milemarker, lovitt records. dirty punx from dirty durham playing dirty indie rock)
Parts & Labor (on tour, experimental & arty. "kinda like if a lightning bolt is poppy.")
Robo Sapien (queer hip hop from chapel hill)

Both shows are at the Libertalia Infoshop, which is located at the corner of Chamberlain St and Mayview St in Raleigh, NC (824 Chamberlain St). Both shows start promptly at 8pm and are $5 strongly suggested donation (don't be an asshole.) For more information email friendsbackeast@yahoo.com

[26 Aug 2005|10:33am]

Raleigh, NC CRITICAL MASS bike ride today! meet at the NCSU Belltower on Hillsborough st at 4:30 (ride at 5) to join us with this really fun bicycle ride! www.critical-mass.org

[26 Aug 2005|10:33am]

Raleigh, NC CRITICAL MASS bike ride today! meet at the NCSU Belltower on Hillsborough st at 4:30 (ride at 5) to join us with this really fun bicycle ride! www.critical-mass.org

[08 Aug 2005|12:48pm]

sat 8/13
the sibling project (brother-sister indie pop from raleigh)
wow, owls! (from rva, similar to light the fuse and run and city of caterpillar minus mogwai)
chet stedman (a mindfuck of guitar riffs)
no omega (ex-light the fuse and run from NYC)

@824 chamberlain st raleigh, nc(future home of the libertalia infoshop. at the corner of chamberlain & mayview, in the downstairs)

7pm - $5

[28 Jul 2005|10:06am]

raleigh critical mass friday @ 4:30 pm. meet at the ncsu belltower on hillsborough st to participate in a fun, rad bike ride! www.critical-mass.org

[01 Jul 2005|02:41pm]

some events / shows for the Raleigh, NC area.

July 1st:

Art show @ 1304 flint pl Raleigh NC featuring art by Hans Hesselein, Mike Schlereth, and others. 8pm!

July 2nd:

Welcome the Plague Year - (ex-neil perry, joshua fit for battle, makara, you and i, the now, etc. mp3s at www.electrichumanproject.com)
The Critic - (ex van johnson)
Ten and Two - (nj)
Street Sharks - (sloppy pop punk from raleigh. sorta like no idea stuff and they rip off a minor threat song, but they don't wanna hear it!)

@ the POSIDOME (2211 everett ave raleigh nc) - 8pm - $5

July 8th:
ACRe / Libertalia infoshop BENEFIT SHOW! + Bike Scavenger Hunt / VEGAN potluck featuring.....

Des Ark - (ex-milemarker on lovitt records. dirty punks playing dirty indie rock)
US Banshee - (spooky folky acoustic music)
Boa Narrow - (sounds like cap n' jazz + early level plane hardcore)

@1304 Flint pl Raleigh NC. Bike scavenger hunt starts at 5pm! We did one at our May Day party and it was a lot of fun, so hopefully this one will be just as much fun, if not better. After that we will be having a vegan potluck then the show.

This show is a BENEFIT for ACRe and the Libertalia infoshop. ACRe is a new non-profit dedicated to community advocacy. We are getting a space next week where we can have TENANT-CONTROLLED HOUSING, the LIBERTALIA INFOSHOP / BOOKSTORE, COMMUNITY ART/SHOWSPACE, COMMUNITY GARDEN, etc and we desperately need funds to go to buying books, making copies, and most importantly to set up the downstairs of the space (where almost everything will be, which requires a lot of construction work).

[24 Jun 2005|12:05pm]

Raleigh, NC critical mass bike ride TODAY. meet at the NCSU belltower on hillsborough st @ 4:30, we ride at 5. www.critical-mass.org

THIS IS BRETT FROM PHILLY, PA [20 Jun 2005|12:14am]
Hey whats up? This is brett from philly, pA. im in a band talk is cheap, used to play in strikeback. were tryin to get down south this summer and i am tryin to get some contacts for show promoters. we are old hardcore style, black flag/warzone. IM me strikebackfsg and shoot the shit and help me out if you can.


June 8th show moved to house show in Greensboro! [07 Jun 2005|04:05pm]

EDIT: The show that was originally supposed to be at the Milestone has been MOVED to a house show in Greensboro, NC thanks to the wonderful last minute scheming of Chet Stedman. Here is the updated info:

Wednesday, June 8th @
902 W. Market St.
Greensboro, NC 27401
8pm - donations accepted (and highly encouraged)

Chet Stedman (progressive, sometimes spastic hardcore punk)
The Campaign 1984 (dirty south rock and roll meets melodic hardcore punk)
The Black Acadia Mourning (death metal influenced technical metal)
The Demonstration (progressive, jazz influenced technical metal)
Possibly one more!

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[27 May 2005|12:53pm]

Raleigh, North Carolina Critical Mass this afternoon! Sorry about not posting this earlier, but we're doing our monthly Critical Mass bike ride (www.criticalmass.org) at 4:30 pm in Raleigh! We are meeting at the Belltower on Hillsborough St and we will be leaving between 5 and 5:30. So, if your idea of fun is riding your bike with a bunch of awesome people, you should come out! Also, on a side note, I found a boombox in my old house and I have tied it to my bike, so we can ride while listening to old copies of mixtapes and metallica's master of puppets I have.


[18 May 2005|09:32pm]

Friday, May 20th! 8pm!

Quell (www.myspace.com/quell - technical metal jawns. intense!)
Burial Year (www.myspace.com/burialyear - 3/4 takaru, like takaru but less punk more metal and more brutal.)
Industries of the Blind (www.myspace.com/industriesoftheblind - explosions in the sky & a silver mt. zion esque instrumental music from greensboro)

@902 w. market gso, nc 27401
please bring $, burial year are on tour from CALI! and they rule!
i'll be bringing a shitload of zines & stuff too so it'll be neat!

[27 Apr 2005|04:25pm]


meet at the ncsu belltower on hillsborough st @ 4:30pm
www.critical-mass.org for more info

later that night...

KYLESA (loud as fuck apocalyptic hardcore metal that will rock the crust from your punkass)
BARONESS(maybe even louder than fuck dirty metal. equal parts maiden and his hero is gone)
D'AMORE (longtime friends of the posidome. three-piece emotional hardcore onslaught. so good)
TOWERS (still bummed about botch breaking up and isis going soft? towers fill the gap while ripping it a new one)
@ the posidome 2211 everett avenue, raleigh, nc 27607
8:00 $6


(not really) MAY DAY gathering / party!
4pm @ Compiegne Park (where Logan & Chamberlain St meet).
bike scavenger hunt, bike workshops, vegan potluck / cookout, kickball, slip n' slide, music, etc!
later that night we'll be having a party @ 123 chamberlain st

[13 Apr 2005|03:19pm]

Agnostic Front

Martyr AD

Death Before Dishonor

All Shall Perish
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[29 Mar 2005|01:31pm]

april is gonna rule for Raleigh, NC.

April 1st
meet at the belltower on hillsborough st at 4:30 pm, we ride at 5!

April 2nd
everything is free! bring stuff to give away!
we are biking from raleigh to this, leaving at like 9am. email me for more info.

April 10th
Des_Ark (from durham, new cd on bifocal)
Haram (ex-majority rule, pg. 99 from dc)
Network of Terror (greenville fast technical politcal hardcore)
8pm - $5 - @2211 everett ave raleigh nc 27605

April 22nd
Welcome the Plague Year (ex-joshua fit for battle, neil perry, the now, you and i, etc)
Take Down Your Art (ex-a petal fallen. angular and percussion filled emo from deleware)
The Holy Fucking Spirit (ex-joshua for battle. ebullition-esque punk from deleware)
Wow, Owls! (richmond drunk emotional hardcore)
Barnacle (dc influenced indie / emo from well....dc!)
8pm - $5 - @2211 everett ave raleigh nc 27605

April 29th
Brian Harkin's 21st Birthday: Has the edge gone dull?
KYLESA (doomy sludgy punk from GA. new lp on havoc records)
BARONESS (stoned southern punk rock from GA!)
D'AMORE (philly emotional hardcore)
TOWERS (stoned hardcore from philly)
8pm - $6 - @ 2211 everett ave raleigh nc 27605

ALSO we are doing our last big critical mass this day (april 29th). meet at the belltower on hillsborough st (raleigh) at 4:30, ride at 5.

as you can see, all these shows start at 8pm, are at 2211 everett ave, and cost 5 of 6 dollars (gas is like 2.20 a gallon!)
but they are gonna fucking rule.
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